Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vote On Marriage Launches Radio Ads

Vote on Marriage, the organization working to defeat gay marriage in Massachusetts, is launching radio ads urging citizens to contact their legislators. The radio ads give the state house phone number and encourage listeners to tell their legislators to vote for the so called "Protection of Marriage" amendment. The ads also say that "gay rights lobbyists" are urging "beacon hill lawmakers to use dirty tricks to kill the amendment".
One of the ads claims that 3/4 of
Massachusetts voters say they want to vote on the definition of marriage. This is simply untrue. To get that number they asked a group of only 400 people and phrased the question in such a way to get the response they wanted. That is what I call a “dirty trick”!
I have spoken to hundreds of people across
Massachusetts about this issue. Maybe 1% of Massachusetts voters actually want to vote on marriage. But overall NO ONE CARES about gay marriage except for gay people and right wing bigots.
The most interesting line in the ads is in 'spot C' when the voice says, "this is
Massachusetts, not Cuba. We are governed by the rule of law". WHAT!?!

Hear for yourself...

Vote on Marriage Radio Spot A

Vote on Marriage Radio Spots B and C


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