Thursday, June 21, 2007

What We Have Been Fighting For

Today I was reminded of what the fight for equal marriage rights is all about. I attended my cousin's wedding in Buzzards Bay. It was a beautiful ceremony in a gazebo by the Cape Cod Canal. The happy couple was joined by friends and family members rejoicing in the spirit of love.

This is what the marriage equality movement is all about. It is not an abstract idea, it is two people in love. This is what we have been fighting to protect. This is why we made all those phone calls, wrote those letters, and spent countless hours at the State House for Constitutional Conventions.

My cousin Steve and his husband Mike set their wedding date months ago. It seems appropriate to me that the wedding took place exactly one week after we secured equal marriage rights in Massachusetts. They said their vows at exactly the same time the winning vote was announced last week.

While we celebrate our huge win over the anti-gay forces and debate where our movement should be headed next, let's not forget what we have been fighting for. It's about love. It always has been.

Congratulations Steve and Mike. May you have many happy years together.


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