Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Headache in Lexington

For the past year the citizens of Lexington have had to deal with the fanatical antics of David Parker and Brain Camenker. First Parker made headlines by pulling a stunt to get arrested at his son's school. He was protesting the school's policy of teaching diversity to students. Camenker’s group, Article 8, used the event to push their anti-gay agenda. Now Article 8 is saying that Parker's first grade son was beat up in school because gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts. This is another ridiculous publicity stunt.

The town of Lexington doesn't deserve this headache. There have been numerous newspaper articles, letters to the editor, meetings, and even "pro-David Parker" rallies in town. Luckily the small town is filled with lots of good people. Two groups were formed to counter the hate filled messages that Parker and Article 8 are spreading. These organizations hold pro-tolerance demonstrations to counteract the pro-David Parker rallies. The pro-tolerance groups are called Lexington Cares and Respecting Difference.
This is what Article 8 has to say about these pro-tolerance organizations:

A group of adults in Lexington maintain and regularly update an angry anti-Parker website, www.LexingtonCares.org. In addition to angry anti-Parker diatribes, they meticulously catalog all anti-Parker letters to the editor, newspaper articles, etc. They also organize anti-Parker rallies and demonstrations, and go on TV and radio bashing Parker. The group is led by well-known lesbian activist Meg Soens. (Soens also runs a second pro-homosexual Lexington website, www.RespectingDifferences.org. )

In a recent email, Article 8 has called on their supporters to contact (harass) these pro-tolerance groups. These two organizations are sure to get some nasty emails from angry Article 8 followers.
Let's show the people who make up these pro-tolerance groups that they are not alone. Take a minute to send them an email. Tell them you appreciate their hard work and respect what they are doing. This simple action will make a big difference for the people working to keep Lexington hate-free.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Mike Airhart said...

I just thought it would be worth noting here that David Parker essentially admitted to The Boston Globe this week that the story spread in his name by MassResistance (a Massachusetts antigay group) is false.


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