Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Anti-Gay Organization Focused on Next Election

The anti-gay organization, Vote On Marriage, announced yesterday that they would not try for another anti-gay marriage amendment this session. To do so they would have to file paperwork by August 1st. It would be pointless to do because the question would come before the same legislature that just voted it down last month.

The leader of Vote On Marriage, Kris Mineau, continues to threaten Massachusetts with his remarks, "This campaign is far from over, believe me," Mineau said. "Some of these legislators will go away, but we will not."

Instead of collecting signatures for yet another anti-gay marriage amendment, Vote On Marriage will be focusing their energy on the 2008 elections. The Boston Globe reports:

The group vowed to publish voter guides and urge its members to unseat lawmakers who opposed the amendment, especially those who campaigned in favor of a gay-marriage ban, but changed their minds.

This is slightly comical when you consider the success Vote On Marriage and other anti-gay groups have had in past elections. They have never been successful in defeating a pro-equality incumbent, not even once. Yet, in every election since the issue has been on the radar, we have been successful in taking out one of their anti-equality incumbents. Their candidates do not win. That is a fact.

It is funny that Vote On Marriage still believes that voters actually care about gay marriage. In reality, voters care about education, health care, jobs, and taxes. Gay marriage is way down on people's lists of important issues. But shhhhh, don't tell Vote On Marriage that. I like watching their candidates get all riled up about gay marriage. They always lose. And I love winning elections!


At 6:08 PM, Blogger John Hosty said...

Our goals should include teaching people about the tactics we witnessed them using against us, so that when they try to use them in the future, people will be able to identify them.

If people see the lies for themselves it takes away any credibility MFI has.


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