Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Take Action Now!

The Constitutional Convention is just days away! On July 12th the legislature will be voting on an amendment to ban gay marriage. We need 150 votes to win. We don't have them yet!

  1. Contact Your Legislators Today!
    If you have done so already, great, call them again. If you have not done so yet, the time is now!
    Call your state representative and state senator. Tell them to vote AGAINST any amendment to the constitution that would eliminate equal marriage rights.

  2. Be At The State House On July 12th!
    The anti-gay forces will be busing people in from all over the country. There will be masses of anti-gay extremists protesting against equality. We need to be there to demand that our legislature not vote in favor of discrimination.
    Showing up at the state house on July 12th is crucial.

The outcome of this constitutional convention effects more than Massachusetts. Passing this constitutional amendment in our state is a huge goal of national anti-gay organizations such as the American Family Association. In their latest email this groups stated:

Massachusetts is the only state in the nation which legally condones and encourages homosexual marriage. If we can join together as a nation to defeat it there, it will send a strong message to our political leadership nationwide. Defeating homosexual marriage in the liberal bastion of Massachusetts will set the tone for the next vote on the Federal Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA), and show swing legislators just how "out of touch" the homosexual lobby truly is. Thank you for joining us in this crucial battle for marriage

This is our state! We MUST stand up and TakeMassAction! Let's bury this anti-gay constitutional amendment once and for all on July 12th! To get more involved in the fight for equal marriage rights visit MassEquality.


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