Saturday, September 30, 2006

Join a Campaign

The election is just weeks away. It is time to volunteer for a campaign. There are many pro-equality candidates that need our help. Some of our best advocates in the legislature are under attack for their support of LGBT equality. We must stand up for them now as they have done for us in the past. This is when they really need our help.

Find a campaign close to where you live and give them a call. If you have any time on the weekends or after work you can make a huge different in the fight for LGBT equality.

I have compiled a list of the campaigns that need our help the most. Included are the phone numbers and websites for the pro-equality candidates. There is also a little information about the candidates and the races they are in.

Click on the maps below according to where you live.

Click here for the complete list of campaigns in Massachusetts


At 8:07 PM, Blogger Owen said...

You would appear to have neglected mention of my very own campaign.

I am from Western Mass.

Permit me to introduce myself:

I am Owen R. Broadhurst, the first and only out of the closet candidate (sixteen years out of the closet) to seek the office of State Representative in the Third Hampden District. I have been an equal marriage rights activist since before MassEquality was created.


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