Friday, September 15, 2006

Take Mass Action in Methuen

As we get closer to Election Day it looks like our main battle ground will be in Methuen, Massachusetts.

There is a primary race happening there that will be decided by just a handful of votes.
This close primary race will have a huge impact on the future of marriage rights for same-sex couples. The retiring state representative,
Arthur Broadhurst, has consistently voted against the amendment to the constitution that would eliminate equal marriage rights.

There is a four way primary race to fill this open seat. Out of the four candidates, two are tied neck to neck in the closest race in Massachusetts! Between these two candidates, only one of them supports marriage equality. The other candidates would vote in favor of the constitutional amendment to take equal marriage rights away.

This race has become one of the most important races in the fight for marriage equality.

Chris DiBella is running a good campaign and has the votes needed to win. The challenge will be getting those people out to the polls on Election Day. He needs to make sure that every single one of those voters who said they were with him gets out to vote.

This race will be won or lost by less than 50 votes!

All the real action on Election Day will be taking place in Methuen. This is where you can really make a difference!

Contact me to volunteer in Methuen. We need people to help the DiBella campaign get out the vote. We need poll checkers, phoners, door knockers, and other campaign volunteers.

This race could literally decided whether or not gays and lesbians will have the right to marry.

Take the day off from work if you can. If you can't, then join us after work. Email me now for more info and directions to the campaign Headquarters.

Even if you have never done anything political before, it is time to take action.

If you don't fight for your rights, they will be taken away from you.

To volunteer or for more information, please email me at

It is time to TakeMassAction.


At 8:51 AM, Anonymous TJMjr said...

Can't be there but I'll by cheering for the campaign. Thanks for the all the work you're doing. Let's win this one by MORE than 50 votes!

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Blue-Xela said...


I'll actually be working at the polls in JP as an inspector ... with you in spirit.


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