Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Gay Movie

I saw the new film, Another Gay Movie, yesterday. This is a great film that isn't afraid to "go there". It was refreshing to see a happy, queer-positive, sex-positive movie. Go to the movie website to watch the trailer.

While I love most of the gay films I have seen, they are usually kind of sad. There are quite a few movies about coming out, falling in love, and how hard it is to be queer. Many of these movies show the rejection that many queer people face. A lot of gay movies touch on how hard it can be in gay relationships.

The majority of gay films portray the rejection, isolation and lack of acceptance that many gay people feel. These topics are incredibly important to portray in film. It helps for gays and lesbians to be able to identify with the strong emotions displayed in these movies. However, there is more to being gay than pain and suffering!

I love movies like Edge of Seventeen, The Trip, Latter Days, Trick, The Broken Hearts Club, Mysterious Skin, Transamerica, and Brokeback Mountain. While these are all great films, they all express how hard it is to be queer.

Another Gay Movie is completely different because all of the main characters are out and proud. Being gay is not the issue in this film. It is not a coming out film, or a boy-meets-boy movie. It is a campy gay teen movie (like the gay version of American Pie). It touches on every aspect of being queer and does not apologize for anything. This movie is incredibly sex-positive in a very gay way.

I suggest you see this film the first chance you get. Another Gay Movie is playing at Kendall Cinema in Cambridge.


At 3:04 PM, Blogger Thomas said...

Don't forget "Beautiful Thing" and "Love, Valour and Compassion" and "Torch Song Trilogy."

The first, "Beautiful Thing," has the best ending out of any (although many nay-sayers said it was too fantastical), but it was affirming and sex positive; a great movie that came out the same time I did in the mid-90s.


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