Sunday, July 30, 2006

Anti-gay Group Vows to Continue Fight

Recently we reported that the anti-gay group, MassResistance, was questioning whether they could go on with their anti-gay agenda. They considered the creation of an independent commission on gay and lesbian youth as a crushing defeat for their organization. This is because they had spent countless hours in the weeks leading up to the vote lobbying lawmakers and trying to get their members involved. In the end, not only did they lose the fight, but according to their email, their members didn't even seem to care.
I didn't think MassResistance would be down for long. A few days ago they sent an out an email claiming:
We got an enormous amount of email on this, from across the country and as far away as Europe. I was really quite surprised.
And just about all of it (at least that I've read so far) was exhorting us to continue, not give up, and push forward. (A few emails suggested just moving out of Massachusetts - which is something some of own people, unfortunately, actually are doing.)
The email goes on to state:
This means that we have the challenge before us of ramping up MassResistance in a big way. In order to be effective, we need to bring pro-family political activism to a level that it's never been at before in Massachusetts. This includes organizing and raising money. But much more importantly, it includes a much more serious attitude toward confronting this.

MassResistance offers this suggestion as to why their members did not join them in the state house lobbying against the commission on gay and lesbian youth:

I'm starting to realize that this latest issue in the Legislature - homosexual funding and the commission - is so outrageous and horrible that many people have trouble even dealing with it. Maybe that's why fewer people did something this past week.
Perhaps people did not join MassResistance in spending their summer lobbying against gay youth because they were spending time with their families, on vacation, or enjoying the beautiful weather. Perhaps not every one of their members is as obsessed with homosexuality as the leaders of MassResistance. Or maybe they just don't have as many members as they think they do. I don't think MassResistance realizes that most of the emails they send out go to gay activists who are keeping tabs on what this radical fringe group is up to. The email continues:
I guarantee you this: the other side is not standing still. They're moving quickly to spend that money and move into your schools like never before. And elect their candidates to the Legislature this November. And more. If you want to stop them, this will be when it counts.
True, we are not standing still. We are going to do our best to make schools safe for all students. We are also going to work as hard as we can to elect pro-equality legislators in September’s primary and November's general election. To get involved visit, which will soon have a link to the MassEquality PAC website. MassEquality PAC is where you can find information about campaigns and learn how to volunteer to elect pro-equality legislators. The MassResistance email ends with these words:
So, we're going to be calling on people to stand up and take action. And occasionally help out. At times it may not be comfortable. But what's the alternative?
Let's remember that they are not giving up anytime soon. We need to keep active and be ready to defend ourselves and our community. We are under attack by the radical right. They will do everything they can to destroy our rights, our dignity, our community, and our lives. To answer the question they pose in the last sentence; get a life, spend time with your family, volunteer to feed the poor, help out homeless children, stop trying to destroy people that are different than yourself. That's the alternative.


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