Friday, July 21, 2006

Anti-gay Groups Furious

Anti-gay organizations in Massachusetts are furious with the overrides of Romney's vetoes of safe schools. MassResistance is questioning if they can even go on with their anti-gay agenda after this crushing defeat. Read their latest email update here.
Massachusetts 'Family' Institute (MFI) said in an email update today that legislators “disregarded children” in overriding Romney's vetoes of safe schools. The more “main-stream” anti-gay organization, MFI, mentions the radical fringe group MassResistance in their email. Here are some excerpts from the MFI email:
MFI would like to thank the hundreds of concerned citizens who e-mailed their legislators to ask them to uphold Governor Romney's vetoes of the dangerous budget items increasing the exposure of public school children to the homosexual agenda. Unfortunately, the lobbying of all of you and the lobbying of MassResistance was not enough to stop the powerful homosexual lobby on Beacon Hill.

The initial vote was 99-52! The veto had been upheld and the commission defeated. According to MassResistance, an uproar ensued and the chamber had to be gaveled quiet. There was then a motion to reconsider, which was taken up following a brief recess. When the dust had settled, and a second vote was taken, the strong-arming had taken its toll. The vote switched to 104-44 and the homosexual lobby and their powerful allies in the leadership had exerted its power once again.

The result of these votes is dangerous and means that parents must be even more vigilant in finding out what their children are being taught and exposed to in school. The homosexual lobby on Beacon Hill is stronger than ever, and they have succeeded in pushing their unhealthy and immoral agenda even further into the mainstream and into your children's classrooms. Do not be afraid to ask your child's teachers and administrators what sexuality issues will be taught, and when same-sex marriage and homosexual will be a part of the lesson plan or a subject of a school activity or event. If they refuse to answer, take your case to other parents and the school committee. The Legislature has betrayed the parents of the Commonwealth, so it is up to each mother and father to be there more than ever for their children.
The Massachusetts 'Family' Institute is once again putting their anti-gay agenda above the safety of children. If they had succeeded in upholding the vetoes of the safe schools programs countless children would have been put in danger. Luckily we were able to stop them this time. We must be ready for many more battles to come. Anti-gay organizations are not going away anytime soon.
Meanwhile Governor Romney wasted no time abolishing the original 14 year old Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth.

By the way, the MFI email mentions the "homosexual agenda". What exactly is the "homosexual agenda"? Go here to find out.


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