Monday, July 17, 2006

Mass Family Institute Joins Attack on Gay Youth

The Massachusetts 'Family' Institute (MFI) has joined other anti-gay organizations in attacking gay youth. Today MFI sent out an email to all their members urging them to contact their legislators to tell them to oppose an override of Governor Romney's vetoes of safe schools. The MFI email states:
Gov. Mitt Romney, who has been a pro-family leader for us on Beacon Hill, recently took out his veto pen and took out four budget items that would quadruple the funding for homosexual programs in the state's schools. The funding to push the homosexual agenda on our youth would grow to nearly $2 million. He also vetoed the creation of a new legislative "commission" made up of primarily homosexual activists that would decide how to spend the money. The Legislature has positioned itself to take up the vetoes this week and if the pro-gay legislators can marshall a two-thirds vote together, they can override the veto and put the money and the commission right back into the budget.

We need everyone to E-mail their state representative today and ask them to vote to uphold Gov. Romney's vetoes. Click on the link below for an E-mail message that you can personalize to your legislator.
The MFI email gives their members a link to send an pre-written email to their legislators. The pre-written email mentions MassResistance, a fringe radical anti-gay group. The email states:
I am writing to you today to ask you to NOT override Gov. Romney's vetoes of four budget items linked to the homosexual agenda in public schools. These budget items - Item # 4590-0250 (Dept. of Education), Item # 7010-0005 (Dept. of Education), Item # 4513-1130 (Dept. of Public Health), and Section 4 - are tools that the homosexual lobby will use to further their radical agenda at the cost of parent's rights.

While the funding may at first appear innocent, the reality is quite the opposite. The funding has been used in the past to fund programs that teach homosexual acts and cross-dressing to children, encourage experimentation, and push the normalcy of homosexuality. These programs are very dangerous to children, and overrule parents when it comes to teaching about these very sensitive subjects.

The first 3 items would increase funding for pro-homosexual programs in Massachusetts public schools to as much as $2 million. The current budget is $250,000--which is, according to MassResistance, more than any other state in America. In typical fashion, these funds are hidden under seemingly innocent titles and descriptions, but the truth has been revealed over and over again.
This is going to be a tough fight. We NEED to take action now! This vote will probably happen tomorrow or the next day. Young LGBT teens deserve to be safe in school. Go here to keep schools safe!


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