Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Anti-gay Organizations Hurting Children

The nation's largest pediatricians group says that children would benefit from the legalization of same-sex marriage. The American Academy of Pediatricians has released a 16 page report which found that children of same-sex parents do better in areas of the country which recognize their parents' relationships. The report lays to rest the bogus argument that banning same-sex marriage is in the best interest of children.
The report also touches on the effects that anti-gay organizations have on children. The rhetoric that anti-gay organizations spew daily has a deeply disturbing negative impact on
The report states:

"As children, many gay and lesbian persons experience considerable isolation, peer rejection, ridicule, harassment, and/or depression at some time. At least 47% of gay and lesbian teens have seriously considered suicide, and 36% have actually attempted suicide. They may experience rejection by their families, homelessness, maltreatment in school, and violence. As adults, gay and lesbian people continue to experience social marginalization, discrimination, and hate-crime violence."

The findings in this report prove what many people already know to be true. Organizations such as the Massachusetts 'Family' Institute, The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, Vote on Marriage, and Massresistance are causing a great deal of harm to children. Ironically these organizations, and others like them, often claim to be protecting children. In reality, these groups are just out to advance their political agenda. They don't seem to care that there own ambitions are hurting children.


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