Monday, July 03, 2006

Gay Youth Under Attack!

We need to act fast!
The GOOD news is that the
Massachusetts legislature has just released the new budget which includes funding for the Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth. This funding is used to make schools safe for LGBT students.
A recent study conducted in
Massachusetts shows that LGBT teens are over five times more likely to have attempted suicide than their peers. The same study shows that gay youth are three times more likely than their peers to miss school because of feeling unsafe. They are also three times more likely to have been injured at school.

The Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth saves lives! Gay/straight alliance clubs in schools provide safe places for LGBT youth to meet. These clubs build community spirit, mutual understanding, promote tolerance, and combat homophobia.
The BAD news is that these gay/straight alliances are UNDER ATTACK! A radical anti-gay organization is trying to stop the legislature from funding the Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth. The scary part is that if we don't act now we could actually lose this one!
It looks like Governor Mitt Romney is going to veto the funding that we need to keep LGBT students safe in schools. However, we might be able to convince him not to veto the money.
First, call the governor (you will speak to one of his aids) and explain why you believe gay/straight alliances are so important in our schools. Then send him a follow up email expressing your concern once again. We might be able to convince him to do the right thing.

However, if he does veto the funding, we can override his veto if we have enough votes. To override his veto we will need 105 legislators in the House to vote with us. That means the anti-gay groups only need 53 votes to beat us!
Anti-gay organizations are having hundreds of people make calls to a targeted group of state legislators to try and stop the funding for gay/straight alliances. They are even having people that live in other states call OUR state legislators!
We need to be calling these same legislators and telling them to vote to override the governor's veto. Start by calling your own legislators.
Next, we will use the list provided by the anti-gay group to call the same targeted group of legislators. Start with the top of the list and work your way down. Their WebPages are included so you can send them an email as well. When you call you will be speaking to an aid. Politely tell this person why you think our schools should be safe for ALL students and urge them to vote to override the governor's veto.
We Must Take Action Now!


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Hate Resistance said...

First your right call your legislatorsa to keep this funding.. but this funding exclude bisexual and transgender youth... so ask your legislators to change the wording to include bi and trans youth.


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