Tuesday, October 03, 2006

NGLTF Criticizes House Leadership

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has issued a press release in response to comments made by religious conservatives about the scandal surround Republican Rep. Foley and the House Leadership.

"What's clear is that the House leadership elevated holding onto a seat above the interests of young people in the page system. And they want to talk about 'moral values'? Please," said Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman

On Tuesday, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made these remarks, "[The House GOP leadership] discounted or downplayed earlier reports concerning Foley's behavior — probably because they did not want to appear 'homophobic.' The Foley scandal shows what happens when political correctness is put ahead of protecting children."

This is ridiculous. When has the GOP House leadership ever been concerned about appearing homophobic? They bash gays and lesbians openly on the House floor and on TV during debates. They are fighting to strip thousands of rights away from gay and lesbian people. The House GOP leadership is homophobic and very loud about it.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich made a similar comment on Fox News. He was asked why top Republican House leaders said nothing despite knowing for months that Rep. Mark Foley had sent inappropriate e-mails to at least one teenage page. Gingrich responded, "I think, had they overly aggressively reacted to the initial round, they would have also been accused of gay bashing."

Matt Foreman, Executive Director of The Task Force responded with these words, “Given similar past sordid situations in the page program perpetrated by male members of Congress against female pages, it's absurd to blame the Foley spectacle on his being gay, closeted or otherwise. Given the fact that the current Republican leadership in the House has never hesitated to attack gay people, it's even more absurd for people like Newt Gingrich to say the reason they didn't take prompt action was because they didn't want to be accused of 'gay bashing.' Cut me a break."


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