Thursday, December 28, 2006

Profiles in Courage

MassEquality, the organization working to protect same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, delivered copies of John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage to the 109 brave legislators who voted on November 9th to recess the Constitutional Convention. They are urging legislators to adjourn on January 2, killing the anti-gay amendment once-and-for-all.

JFK's Profiles in Courage describes acts of bravery and integrity by eight United States Senators from throughout the Senate's history. The profiled senators defied the public opinion of their constituents to do what they felt was right and suffered severe criticism and losses in popularity because of their actions. The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 1957 and remains one of the definitive books written on political courage.

The 109 legislators that voted to recess the Constitution Convention are perfect examples of Profiles in Courage. The recent SJC ruling lambasting the legislature for not voting on the anti-gay amendment is putting a lot of pressure on pro-equality lawmakers.

If the anti-gay side is able pressure at least 8 representative to abandon the adjournment strategy they will be able to force a vote on the amendment. If the amendment does come to a vote it will pass with just over the 50 votes needed.

Thank the 109 legislators who bravely stood up for equality at the last Constitutional Convention. Ask them to do the right thing again on January 2nd and end the war on equal rights.

Contact your representatives and ask them to stop the anti-gay amendment on January 2nd.

Thank the full list 109 legislators that voted to recess on November 9th.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Tom Lang said...

Hi Chris,

First congrats. Secondly, what is your opinion about us (the LGBT) announcing every move we are making politically? Handing out Profiles in Courage is great however do you feel that MEQ should be doing press releases stating that we are asking leges to adjourn? I understand adjournment is the strategy but you understand the press and the otherside have a field day with this when it comes from its opposition. Aaron and I just yesterday took on Mineau and Paleologos on the radio. They threw in my face the BayWindows editorial which spelled out how much money the LGBT brought in for candidates and how these new leges "owe us."

I mean think about it. This is a war. A war of strategies. Think about what happens everytime an embedded journalist leaks something during combat wars. I have always believed that it is best to keep the other side guessing...of course they find out but these announcements of strategies do us no favors.

Sorry to ramble about this, but already the press in my area has gone to each and every lege it could find and asked if he or she intends to adjourn. For the Nov. 9th coccon that sort of press involvement almost killed us. Ted Speliotis told the press he wanted to vote on the merits, evidently he was out of the loop. Thank God he is who he is because he voted to kill the amendment but felt it necessary (and probably a bit embarassing) to make a statement to the press of why he did the opposite of what he told them he would do. Not good.

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think MEQ has dropped the ball a couple of times lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm definately a suporter, but to declare "'s over" was out of line. It's tough to convince friends to get friends to support the cause, get involved or donate time and money when they think 'it's over'.

And now the other side has the permit at the statehouse for 1/2? Sigh...

BTW, Chris. Did you notice that the skank Amy at MR hate site has now mirrored your site...right down to the colors? That poor white trash...sigh again.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Chris Mason said...

Wow, MassResistance has mirrored the layout of my site exactly. That is new. Amy idolizes me. We are friendly to each other. It is because I don't make fun of her hair.
I think MassEquality jumped the gun a little by saying that it was over on November 9th. Woops. That was a mistake. But as a former MEQ employee I can tell you that they plan strategy better than any thing we have ever seen before. I have seen what goes on behind the scenes in that office. They know what they are doing. We have won every battle so far. With their leadership I am confident that we will win the war.
As you can tell, I was a loyal MassEquality employee, so my opinion may be biased.


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