Monday, December 04, 2006

Join the Protest

This Wednesday a number of people and organizations affected by Romney's latest budget cuts will be holding a protest outside the State House.

Wednesday, December 6th
State House

One of Romney's last actions in office has been to slash $425 million from the state budget. These last minute cuts affect a number of programs. LGBT related programs are among the worst hit.

Here is the break down on how Romney's budget cuts will affect the LGBT community:

LGBT youth
: The entire $150,000 Safe Schools budget cut from the Department of Education. Romney also cut $300,000 from a DPH line item that includes $350,000 in gay and lesbian youth program funding. The cuts include $100,000 from SHCGLY, a program aimed at reducing LGBT youth suicide.

HIV/AIDS: $735,000 cut from the Department of Public Health funding for HIV/AIDS programs and services.

Domestic violence: The entire $158,000 in the Department of Public Health budget for the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project cut, representing a loss of one-third of the organization’s annual budget.

LGBT elders: Romney cut $250,000 from the councils on aging’s budget. The councils were scheduled to allocate $50,000 to the LGBT Aging Project.


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