Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rally Against Romney

Mitt Romney has organized a rally for tomorrow at 1:30 to attack the 109 legislators that voted to protect same-sex marriage. He has asked the anti-gay Massachusetts 'Family' Institute to get their members to the State House.

Romney is only doing this to make himself look better to nation Republican primary voters. He is once again hurting LGBT people as a way to gain national attention. It will be a grand old hate fest tomorrow. MFI president Kris Mineau will be speaking as well.

In an earlier post I suggested that we ignore this rally tomorrow as to not bring any more attention to it. However, after a few conversations with other LGBT blogger, organizations, and allies, I have been convinced that a protest is in order. Make a sign and be at the State House at 1:00.

Romney and his hate-filled followers will be attacking the courageous legislators that voted to recess the constitutional convention. Let's be there to support their heroic vote and tell the haters to move on. We won, you lost, get over it!


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

Noticing that we outnumbered them five to one at the Constitutional Convention embarrassed the crap out of Kris Minnow. In an attempt to show the world there is more of them than us he has roped in the big name with old Mitt and now he is asking churches to bus folks in.

Kind of makes one wonder if all the gays and jews had protested the initial nazi meetings could they have nipped it in the bud before their lives were put in jeopardy.

Shoot let's not find out, let's all just get out there and shout them down,.


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