Thursday, August 31, 2006

Anti-Gay Group Gets it Wrong

The anti-gay group, MassResistance, likes to pretend they know what is going on when it comes to campaigns. Their latest email update includes a section about the current primary races. However, their analysis of the primary races is all wrong. The only thing they did get right in their latest email is this:
In about three weeks, the first -- and probably the most important -- phase of the 2006 elections take place: the Sept. 19 primaries. And while everyone's been paying attention to the race for governor, some of the real momentum of state government could be affected at the State House level. And since this is a heavily one-party state (the Republicans can't even sustain a veto) the real action is in the primaries.
Their analysis of the primary races is way off base. They have candidate's positions wrong, endorsements wrong, they are even missing major candidates in some races! I don't want to go into detail. It is better for us if we keep the folks at MassResistance in the dark.
I am not worried about MassResistance getting involved in these races. They always hurt themselves and the candidates they are working for more than they help.
Two years ago, when 16 year incumbent Vinnie Ciampa lost his seat in the primary election to Carl Sciortino, MassResistance got involved in Ciampa's sticker campaign to win his seat back in the general election. Ciampa had little chance of winning his sticker campaign, but MassResistance really did him in. It is because the anti-gay group is so far out of touch with reality and obsessed with homosexuality.
They mailed a hateful flyer to all the voters in the district smearing Carl Sciortino. The flyer accused Carl of being an "anti-catholic militant homosexual activist".
The MassResistance anti-gay flyer really made sure that Vinnie Ciampa lost his seat for good. I know this because on election day I worked the polls for Carl. (The photo above is from the general election two years ago. Carl Sciortino is in the center, facing the camera, talking with supporters while nearby campaign workers hold signs for Vincent Ciampa. I am on the right holding the sign. Photo credit: Boston Globe)

For 14 hours straight I stood in front of a polling place in Medford. The Ciampa campaign workers were handing out Ciampa stickers to voters. They were telling voters to place the sticker on the ballot to re-elect Ciampa and mentioning that "Carl is a fag". At one point a Ciampa poll worker started yelling at me. He called me a fag and asked me, "does Carl give it to you in the ass?" All of this took place in front of ordinary people going in to vote. It was the most contentious election day of my life.
I was handing out a pamphlet for Carl and telling people that they didn't need to use the stickers to vote for the Democrat because he was already on the ballot.
The truth is that many people said to me that they had planned on voting for Vinnie Ciampa until they got the MassResistance mailing. Voters found the mailing offensive and hateful.
MassResistance has no idea what issues voters really care about. We will see if they get involved in this election cycle. It might make things more interesting.
Here is my one hint to Brain Camenker and Amy Contrada over at MassResistance: voters don't care about gay marriage. That's all you get! If I give any more campaign advice I'll have to charge.


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