Sunday, September 17, 2006

MassResistance Sends Hate Mail to Voters

The anti-gay organization, MassResistance, has gotten involved in the primary campaigns. They have mailed a postcard size piece of literature to primary voters in Representative Mark Falzone's district. The mailing attacks him for his positions on gay marriage, in-state tuition for the children of undocumented workers, and for voting to fund gay/straight alliances in our schools. (Click on the mail pieces below to enlarge the picture)The mailing is much better than the pieces MassResistance did in the primary two years ago. In the last election all they had was homemade flyers. This year they look a little more professional. Although they are still very poor mailings. The mail pieces are small, they have no color, and not a single picture. I don't think the mailing will be very effective.

MassResistance did the mailing to Falzone's district in response to mail that had been sent by MassEquality. On the MassResistance website they have a whole page dedicated to the mail MassEquality has been doing (including pictures). You can see how the MassEquality mail
pieces are big, colorful, and full of pictures.

In a recent email, MassResistance claims:
The homosexual lobby has already started their slick, misleading district-wide mailings. Someone in Saugus sent us a big MassEquality postcard for Rep. Mark Falzone. It doesn't even mention MassEquality's issue -- homosexual marriage -- probably because they know it's not a selling point in very many places. Instead, it talks about Falzone supposedly delivering "aid to our towns." And the MassEquality name is in very tiny print! Click here to see them! )

The email goes on to say:
MassResistance is not taking this race (or other important races) lying down! We have some action planned in this race and several races. And YOU should get involved, if you possibly can!

There is one very interesting thing about these mailings. The return address says:

Parents Rights Coalition
PO BOX 1612
Waltham, MA 02454

Now look at the MassResistance website. Check out the address to send donations to MassResistance:


PO BOX 1612
Waltham, MA 02454

We have known for a while that the "Parents Rights Coalition" and "MassResistance" is the same exact group with the same people, same address, same phone number, and same PO BOX.

I wonder why they decided to use the name "Parents Rights Coalition" on the mail piece attacking Representative Falzone. Is it because they know MassResistance is not taken seriously and is considered a fringe group by Massachusetts voters? Is that why they didn't want their name on the mail piece?


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